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    Understanding the Gun Culture War, Part I

    A favorite gun blogger of mine pontificates on the meaning of gun culture among the elites and what gun control measures mean to them.


    How Did We Get Here, Part I: The Culture War | Shall Not Be Questioned
    Denny Reichard, RIP.

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    Wow- what a great read. For someone who is fairly new to the world of firearm ownership, I find it very fascinating. It's also interesting to look at the people who have become the "face" of the pro-gun movement. The anti-gun movement is obviously very strategic to place a certain type of gun owner in the face of the public to shame them, as the author says, into being on a particular side. We need more people like the author of the article to be the "face" of those seeking to exercise their constitutional rights.

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    Love it.
    Fierce defiance

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