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    Quote Originally Posted by KW730 View Post
    This is ridiculous. You should be ashamed.

    I agree 100% this is ridiculous

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    Not to rub anyone's nose in it but.....I've been telling anyone on this forum who would listen that Barack Hussein can do NOTHING by executive order. ANY bans will come from codified law, passed by Congress and signed by the POTUS.

    It's not going to happen. The variables now and in 1994 are completely different. Try and comprehend when I post here and LEARN!

    Enough of this panic nonsense.

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    Has anyone in government - or any place else - DEFINED what an "assault weapon" actually is?

    My Ruger 10/22 can deliver rounds as fast as a .22 cal. AR.
    I can deliver 2 mags of 9mm Gold Dots with my g19 almost as quick as someone with a 30 round mag in any caliber AR or AK (semi-autos) - and, in social inter-action range - just as effectively. I can reload in 3-5 seconds.

    I firmly believe the gun industry has shot themselves in the foot by making so many evil looking rifles. Most of the anti-gun weenies have never fired or even handled the weapons they are declaring so dangerous. They are going strictly on appearances. And I will agree with them that the so-called assault weapons are pretty nasty looking (compared to my old Marlin 39A).

    Keep in mind that to the Liberal "mind", PERCEPTION IS REALITY, and they THINK when they SEE an evil looking weapon it is evil and should be destroyed, but when they SEE a crazy person firing one of those weapons, he/she is just sick and should be helped.

    Most Liberals are very confused about the difference between thinking and doing, between thoughts and actions, between identifying a problem and actually doing the right thing to solve the problem.

    It is up to the clear thinking among us to make sure that the fuzzy-headed types in Washington (I think George would be ashamed to have his name on that zoo now) know what we want them to do, and what we will do if they misbehave.

    As has been mentioned many times here, KEEP THOSE CARDS AND LETTERS COMING.

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    Midnight Rider

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinchaser View Post
    Not to rub anyone's nose in it but.....I've been telling anyone on this forum who would listen that Barack Hussein can do NOTHING by executive order...
    Not to rub it back in your nose, but you seem to have some trouble convincing others that your word is without doubt? Maybe, combined with the "I told you so..." trait, it makes for questioning?
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    It would seem that many on this site have survival training....or claim to. The first rule of survival is "DON'T PANIC."

    Yet, when talking gun rights, politics, legislation, executive's full panic mode.
    - Panic buy, stuff you never really thought you needed
    - Panic, Obama is going to take over the gun industry and outlaw everything by himself......TODAY
    - Panic, believe every crazy rumor out there, banks not allowing you to use your money to buy guns, Sandy Hook was a gvt. conspiracy....
    - Panic call your legislators- call good, acting like a raving fool- bad
    - Panic everything!

    Panic never, ever made a situation better.
    Last edited by HoughMade; 01-16-2013 at 15:07.

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    gun safety regulations

    gun safety and mandatory background checks

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    oh and hi cap mag ban

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave29 View Post
    The following is a list, provided by the White House, of executive actions President Obama plans to take to address gun violence.

    6. Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers.
    ATF already sent out the email with the link to the open letter...

    That was disturbingly fast for government work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmadera View Post
    oh and hi cap mag ban
    What about it? Are you one of the naive that believe it makes a lick of difference whether my magazine holds 10 or 14? Or just doesn't realize how quickly you can drop one and insert another? Or simply can not figure out how to mind ones own business and stay out of mine until I do something that reasonably brings me up to your, or the jury's, judgement? Making good people criminals due to the size of magazine their subcompact came standard with is ridiculous! If this is not where you were headed, I apologize, but your low post count and lack of clarification makes you appear to be a troll fishing for a fight.
    Will guns go POOF and disappear if new laws are passed?

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    14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence And just what business does my Doctor have asking if I have firearms in my house. More BS.

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