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    Good arguments and pretty good informative websites.

    Most of us have a facebook account or other forums that we post in that have several people who are anti-gun or very liberal or really no nothing about guns. Here are a few websites that I usually use when I want to defend my 2nd amendment rights.

    America Freedom vs Freedom | Eight Minutes of Fame

    FBI — Table 1

    Gun Control - Just Facts

    The Truth About Assault Weapons

    Guns in the United States: Facts, Figures and Firearm Law

    10 Facts for Liberals: Why Gun Control Can't Stop Another Newtown Massacre - John Hawkins - [page]

    9 Must-See Gun Control Statistics Independent Journal Review

    Stats Prove Gun Control Does Not Work

    Hopefully some of these websites can help you successfully argue with a person who knows nothing about guns or super left wing liberals. Post some more great sites if you know any.

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    Oh I usually try to avoid any posts from InfoWars. Anytime you post anything that relates to Alex Jones... He's a passionate guy but it's guys like that who make us look bad...

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    You forgot one which has some pretty good points... INGunOwners - Indiana Gun Owners Community

    I just found another thread here which is very thought provoking..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mydoghasfleas View Post
    You forgot one which has some pretty good points... INGunOwners - Indiana Gun Owners Community
    I used to listen and watch a lot of Social Media (RT, InfoWars, Adam Kokesh, Drudge). INGO has the Most consistently great points made. Thanks ALL!
    When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them.

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    I've found that trying to discuss, argue, convince, etc. the issue with any liberal is pretty much a useless endeavor. They are mostly dealing from an emotional point of view and there is little that will cut through that, no matter how much logic, common sense and factual reasoning you use. They are working from pure emotion and there is no real way to cut through that. The light has to come on all by themselves.

    Unless they are working from a political agenda, then they just need to be taken out behind the woodshed.

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