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    My Life as a Tyrant

    Came across this article on another page, didn't see it on here... thought I'd share

    My life as a tyrant | chrishernandezauthor

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    Rights are only as secure as the ability to wield sufficient force to defend them. - J. Neil Schulman

    “There's nothing wrong with the country a bad recession couldn't fix.” - Irving Kristol

    "He's not a tame lion..."

    1 Samuel 13:19

    Psalm 149:6

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    good read..

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    It is good to see an officer be able to be honest about other officers. I have a friend on the local sheriffs department. He still gives me hope that there are still good officers who do the job to help people and actually cares about the people he comes into contact with even if he is arresting them.

    Even the worst perp should be treated fair. Its their right as an American.

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    Thanks for the great post. It was worth reading.
    I love my country, it's the government that I fear.

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    Also in his blog, excellent reading, although the gun-grabbers and sheeple won't let such thoughts cross their narrow little minds.

    A Culture of Entrenched Cowardice | chrishernandezauthor

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    Great blog. Bookmarked it for future reading.

    Props to the author for willing to write about something like that.

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    Thanks for the article. I found it an interesting read. Things do get complicated with the overseas location... but the standard should apply here in the states.

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    Both of those were fantastic articles, will surely be reading more of his stuff. I agree wholeheartedly with the points made in them.

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    Very good me hope that the population isn't a complete waste!

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