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    I would like to point out, in case folks are unaware, judges can and have been removed from the bench via impeachment. There was a judge in Louisiana impeached a couple years back for accepting bribes. SCOTUS is not immune from impeachment either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian01 View Post
    To All,

    The problem with elections for Judges is that it turns them into puppets of the mob, just like other politicians.


    Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian01 View Post

    ... I do agree that there should be some limit on judges. Perhaps a term of 20 years then out of law forever? I don't know the answer but I wouldn't be too hasty to change our current system without a really well thought out plan to replace it.
    Great post in it's entirety. These two tidbits are my favorites. Thank you for your input.

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    I find it interesting (in a perverted way) that we now see the Obama administration via Eric Holder saying that STATE LAW TRUMPS FEDERAL LAW with respect to marijuana. Of course I'm sure that argument won't hold water with firearms but it would be interesting to see Holder argue out of both sides of his mouth were this to make it to the courts.

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    We have term limits. Ever since FDR, no President has served more than two terms. That's not proof, you say?


    Jimmy Carter.

    He sucked. So what happened on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of 1980? Ronald Reagan was elected when the people limited Jimmy Carter's terms of office to "one".

    That's how term limits SHOULD work. It requires a public official who is hated by the press or it requires an electorate that is educated enough to vote intelligently.

    Why people want to have government force them to vote out a good politician even when he's doing a good job just because some arbitrary number of days has passed is beyond me.

    Yes, I realize that we're not talking about Presidential term limits here, but the same concept applies, unless the people are duped as, for example, in NYC, where they voted to change the law to allow Bloomberg to serve as mayor for a third term.

    You want to impeach a judge or even a Justice, it can be done. I'm not sure the exact process, but one exists.

    Keep your power. Don't give it away to the people you don't trust.


    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
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    It's not over 'til it's over.

    And he's a ... wait for it ... DEMOCRAT. Who'd a thunk it??

    Prior to his election as Attorney General, he had served in the Missouri Senate since 2005 representing the 31st Senatorial District as a Republican until August 1, 2007 when he switched to the Democratic [sic] Party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjarrell View Post
    As Kirk would say, (he should be along any moment now), this is a matter that was settled by the War Between The States. It's just a silly little gesture that has no teeth and no ability to back it up when push comes to shove.
    What else would you have them do? States have very little control over the machinations of the federal government. This is one of the few ways to show disapproval of the federal power grabs. It won't stand, but sends a message and forces the federal government to defy state legislatures instead of pretending we're one big happy family. What else can they do, petition for a Constitutional Amendment that declares the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms?
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    Well shoot.
    UPDATE 8:20pm CST: The Senate Override vote, of 22-12, failed by 1. 23 votes were needed to concur with the house and override the veto. CLICK HERE for next action steps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerchap2 View Post
    According to the article, "most experts say the courts will strike down the measure." I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of men and women in black robes, appointed for life, with "we the people" unable to get rid of them, who impose their will on society, even when an overwhelming majority of citizens agree on something. They have way too much power.
    It was the intention of the Founders, that Judges measure issues based upon Constitutional law; but the system has devolved into one which now now looks to "Courtstitutional" law for justification!
    Rather than going back to the Constitution as was clearly the intent of the Founders- judges use decisions made by other judges -or, case law- which in itself may have been pyramided off of previous case-law, based upon previous case-law (etc.,etc.)
    This means that a poor decision made by a politically-motivated judge 100 years ago, is in many cases given equal -or greater- standing, than that Dcuments upon which our nation-states agreed to form the Union!
    When in doubt, triple-tap.....

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