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    2018 Legislative Session Thread

    As in previous years, I am starting this thread to follow the legislative session itself. I will also be starting a "Legislative Wish List" thread a few moments after this one is posted.

    Please confine posts in here to those relevant to actual legislative progress: A bill introduced, scheduled to be heard in committee or on the floor of one of the houses of the legislature, scheduled for voting, or being sent to the Governor's desk.

    That's not to stifle discussion, but to keep this thread a place for people to come for the most relevant info to get bills they want to see passed into laws, passed.

    Thanks, all!


    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
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    Still waiting on IGA to populate the legislation area ... THANKS for starting the thread BoR!
    "Brother" Bill - BB3 - Information Analyst, Indiana Moms Against Gun Control

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    I'm in!
    God bless America!

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    Checking after lunch and

    SB’s listed to date ( updated 12.28.2017 – last listed: SB 186 ):

    SB 020 – Deer Hunting – J.Tomes: (rifle / cartridge rules)
    SB 033 – Houses of Worship and Firearms – J.Sandlin: (Carry in churches when attached to schools)
    SB 111 – Prohibited Equipment on Firearmns – G.Taylor: (lets call this “bumps stock ban” aka “multi-burst trigger)

    (no HB's listed ... YET ... )
    "Brother" Bill - BB3 - Information Analyst, Indiana Moms Against Gun Control

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    Added since this AM

    SB 216 - Storage of firearms at public venues. - J.Sandlin (Carry in Public Buildings - seems to expand rights ... )
    SB 237 - Handgun Licensing - R.Bray - (Changes 4 yr to 5 yr license to coincide with Fed Fix NICS; competing w/ ConCarry)

    House side has about half of 1000-1099 added but 1022 is not among these. (much to our chagrin).
    "Brother" Bill - BB3 - Information Analyst, Indiana Moms Against Gun Control

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