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    Spring free too late from work to place calls but I did Facebook everyone.
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    Video is up! Guy is at 3:06:00 so if you want to see how it's done go to 3:06:00. Konnie Couch is at 2:23:00, Chris from NRA at 3:21:00. If you want a WTF??!! moment go to 2:11:00 (anti, hoplophobe, 2A based on slavery at 2:17:00), Jody had her usual screed beginning at 2:45:00. Charlie from ISRPA at 2:55:00. The statistician with people skills is at 2:05:00
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    Tanks KIA ... (or Planes in your case.)

    Keep sharing and calling people
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    CALLS NEEDED – TODAY – LAST DAY – CALL EARLY – The IGA Session Ends TODAY – Wed 3/14/2018
    – CALL TO support for Conference Committee Report for HB 1214.

    We need to CALL ASAP (E-mail if you cannot is fine or other means such as social media) – to let Legislative Leadership, Committee Members and our own legislators know of our support for the Conference Committee Report #1. Please direct your calls to the Committee Members and Chamber Leadership, in particular:

    Senators – 800-382-9467
    For - Senator David Long (R), Senator Rodric Bray (R), and if you want – Senator Greg Taylor (D), but I am not sure he can be swayed.

    For Representatives, call 800-382-9841, for Rep Smaltz and Speaker Bosma, and for other Republican Representatives. And call 800-382-9842, for Rep. Pierce and other Democratic Representatives.

    When you call – you simply need to tell them you’re asking (or urging) they support the Conference Committee Report #1 for HB 1214 for Firearms Regulations.

    AND please SHARE this with as many like-minded folks – getting them to call as well. While repeated calls from a few people are good, a broader base of support will do more to get their attention.

    This “SHOULD” be a slam dunk/knock out. However, the conference committee requires 4 signatures to move forward to a vote; 2 senators and 2 representatives. Ideally these are 1 of each from each party, but that can (and often is) changed when a member is being decidedly obstructive; as may be the case with the Democratic Committee members in this case. This is why we must also contact leadership!!!

    We must call to urge his full support; to be more than just a few squeaking voices. And we must call leadership to urge their support for good members that will support this.

    Thank you – In LIBERTY
    --- BB3

    1) Here is a link to the Committee Report / Amendment:

    2) The video from yesterday’s hearing is here:
    (you must use the pull-down menu and this may not play on all browsers; or you must remove the “s” after the http at the beginning)
    "Brother" Bill - BB3 - Information Analyst, Indiana Moms Against Gun Control

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    Called my rep Bray again and followed up with email. We will see what happens.

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    Calls made this morning to my Rep. Todd Huston and to Senators Bray, Long & Spartz.
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    Went cleared hot on my Senator and Rep. The lady asked if I was calling for HB 1214/ conference committee #1 because of the number of calls they are receiving. KEEP FIRING!!
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    Called and emailed !
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    Emailed my Rep, Senator, Senator Long, Senator Bray, and Senator Taylor.
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    Anyone here "In the know" regarding the status of HB1214?
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