What bills would you like to see introduced at the Indiana State level, specific to gun owners' rights and the lawful exercise thereof?
Post your thoughts here! There are legislators who read this board, some of whom post here, too, but don't reveal who they are. You never know... your idea may gain traction and become the next good law here in Indiana!

I know that our friend Rep. Lucas is planning to introduce Constitutional Carry again.

This thread would be a good place to encourage others to write to legislators in a civil, respectful, polite tone, requesting passage of bills you like.
(For those who don't think we need to be respectful of our employees, remember that we on INGO are not their only employers; which ones to whom they choose to listen may be determined solely by the tone of the letter and even by proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.)

Your thoughts below, please, and....... GO!