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Thread: Save the NRA

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    Save the NRA


    I'm long-time NRA member and I've been pretty upset by the recent released behavior of the senior leadership. I know there are other options out there to advance gun ownership causes (and I have donated to them too) but I think the NRA is worth saving. However, what we need is a complete wholesale change in the leadership structure. I found this in the WSJ today and I would recommend everyone fill out the form and maybe the message will finally get through.

    At this moment we need a strong NRA but that is not what we got.


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    Keeping an eye on this. I've only recently heard of this gentlemen, and not quite sure what to make of it yet.
    "Do not overthink it, gentlemen. It's only a gunfight, not an IRS tax audit." - Louis Awerbuck

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    The NRA is very good about not distributing their membership lists and shields your account number. Why in creation would you give that info to *** GOOGLE ***?
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    I think you would be far better served with.,..

    Save the Second ? Integrity, Accountability, Transparency

    Save the Second is lead by gun industry leaders and former NRA board members. They have a stated goal of saving the NRA and they state what changes are necessary to do it.

    I have heard of David Dell'Aguila. However, his effort seems to be on his own vs. with a group. He would probably be better served by joining Save the Second as well. Combined efforts could be advantageous.
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    Has La Pierre spoken on all the people leaving and the misuse allegations?

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    Not publicly that I am aware of
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phase2 View Post
    The NRA is very good about not distributing their membership lists and shields your account number. Why in creation would you give that info to *** GOOGLE ***?
    ^^ This. Not information I'll be putting in a GoogleForm anytime soon.
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    Did anyone else receive this?

    DATE: August 29, 2019
    TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends
    FROM: Marion P. Hammer
    USF Executive Director
    NRA Past President
    Are David Dell'Aquila's gun rights worth $100,000? Worth more than $100 million? Worth whatever it takes to defeat the anti-gun agitators and enemies of the Second Amendment? You're damned right! Whether he donates money to NRA to fund the fight or not - NRA is fighting for his rights and yours.
    And, YES! NRA has just moved its Fall Board meeting from Anchorage, Alaska to the Washington D.C. area at a cost of around $100,000. Why? Keep reading.
    Anti-Gun Democrats in Congress have announced that gun control hearings have been scheduled on Capitol Hill. The timing is clearly to take advantage of Wayne LaPierre, NRA Board members and key NRA staff members being in Alaska. If they are in Alaska, it would make it impossible for NRA's officers and senior staff to be engaged in the fight for your rights in the nation's capital.
    So, it was imperative that the meeting be moved so the officers and staff are fully engaged, with the full Board also there to give support and assistance.
    David Dell'Aquila's gun rights are worth whatever NRA has to spend to protect his gun rights -- because his gun rights are the same as YOURS and MINE. Help fund the fight!
    Go here:
    I just went to NRA's donation page and made my donation to help Wayne protect David Dell'Aquila's gun rights and yours and mine. I invite you to do the same thing. Donating is what you can do to help in this critical time. Give as much as you can.
    NRA needs your help to save our gun rights. Nobody else can do what NRA does. Does anybody really think any of the dissidents or their leaders get a call from the President of the United States? Do you really think any of them talks to the President, the Vice President or our leaders of the US Congress? Does anybody believe they even have a clue what to do on Capitol Hill? Absolutely not, they can't even hold Wayne LaPierre's coat.
    It's time to stop the lies, stop the attacks, stop manufacturing fake documents, stop cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's time to focus on stopping the anti-gun, anti-freedom, hate-mongering enemies of our rights. Give now!
    Hey, David Dell'Aquila! you may have abandoned the only organization capable of protecting your rights -- shame on you -- but nonetheless, we've got your back. We're donating to the fight!

    "Do not overthink it, gentlemen. It's only a gunfight, not an IRS tax audit." - Louis Awerbuck

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