Go to your local Sheriff and speak toward the oath they took to uphold the Constitution just like every other government official. If you write a letter to Congress today (this is from experience as I have done it) your rep returns with another piece of legislation as the solution that appears more conservative. No federal gun laws and they need to get back to limited before our freedoms are gone.

This video has some great wisdom to offer. Your Sheriff may just be the key to keeping tyrannical national government regulations at bay. At least Justice Scalia opined as much in his case with another Sheriff against the federal government over the Brady bill passed by the Clinton administration.

His book is worth checking out and sending on to your local sheriff. The people are also a check in our system to make sure government is limited by constitutional law leaving the people alone.

Sheriff Mack - The Power of the County Sheriff

Printz [Mack] v. United States

This video explains how the Brady Act unconstitutionally forced states to be ruled by federal legislation. It was decided that states were subject to no federal dictation.