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    Midnight Rider

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    I've been quasi boycotting Walmart for years. Only visit them once or twice a year. Pretty simple to let Amazon or eBay ship to my door for those odd items.

    No reason to contend with that bazaar crowd now.

    If Walmart really is lobbying for gun control, it would be foolish for any gun owner to support their organization in any way. Sam's, gas, online, whatever...
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    I went to walmart primarily to get oil and filters for oil changes. Local parts stores are nearly double the price on the oil I use. However, as I was shopping online for oil at other places I found a farm store that is actually cheaper on oil and filters so that eliminates any need I have to visit a Walmart. Good riddance to them.
    I donít understand these corporate honchos alienating large percentages of a customer base, especially to cater to the whims of people that probably donít shop there anyway.

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    Grandmaster KJQ6945's Avatar

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    I've never bought Chinese Ammo before, and I doubt I start tomorrow.

    When Sam died, the greedy ass kids ruined what was once a great American company. The left has always hated on Walmart, because, you know success. Walmart has thrived in rural America, and conservatives. We'll see how this affects there bottom line. I'm guessing they won't notice our outrage. To many people rely on Walmart, as it's the only choice. Not for ammo, but as a grocery or retail store. Drive through any small town Main Street, the grocery, hardware, and general retail stores are long gone. Now, they're head shops, or tattoo parlors.

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    If Walmart opens a meth, weed and heroin aisle, then puts a tattoo parlor between the bank and the eye doctor, Main Street will be for lease, cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootin45super View Post
    Kroger just announced that there joining walmart.
    But, why?

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    Grandmaster KJQ6945's Avatar

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    'Cause open carry of a rifle shows everybody how operatory I am.

    Or because we are our own worst enemy.

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    oh man....I can't even say they'll get none of my business....I haven't shopped there for anything in years. Meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djlaundry2000 View Post
    So did they at least put all the ammo on clearance or are they still making sure they make a profit?
    Follow the money. If Walmart really felt that not selling Ammo would save lives they would simply destroy it. Instead they are going to keep selling it until they cash out on their current inventory. Nice media splash that shows they ďdid somethingĒ no matter how useless.
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    When seconds matter the 2nd Amendment matters.

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    Sharpshooter tcecil88's Avatar

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    Upon reflection, the ONLY reason I made a trip to Walmart in the last several months was to buy 9mm range ammo. I bought some other stuff while I was there, but the main reason was to pick up 9mm range ammo.
    Now I don't need to go there for any reason. Screw 'em......
    Operation Desert Storm Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, For God and Country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigblitz View Post
    But, why?

    That dude clearly doesn't care about social norms and proper etiquette, I can see how folks around him would get offended.

    You simply don't wear a hat indoors.

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