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    So how did this guy in Texas "manufacture" a firearm....???

    I know a few years ago there was a bill to define such things as changing to a different weight spring or match-grade trigger as "manufacturing" a firearm, but I thought it didn't go through.

    I wonder what this guy REALLY did that they are alleging he 'manufactured' the firearm...???

    I'm doubting he machined a receiver from scratch, so did he just complete an 80% lower, which is NOT 'illegally manufacturing' a gun - although it IS illegal to sell that firearm...? Or worse yet - are they going to define purchasing a lower through an FFL, and adding parts to make it functional, as "manufacturing"...???

    From the New York Post article - "Authorities believe the man was illegally buying parts for guns, assembling a single firearm and then reselling it, the Journal reported."

    From the Dallas Morning News article - "law enforcement officials suspect the man was also illegally selling guns, using parts bought online to build the firearms and then reselling them, the Journal reported. Manufacturing and selling guns requires a license, though occasional private sales do not."

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    No, a license is not required to make a firearm solely for personal use. However, a license is required to manufacture firearms for sale or distribution.
    Finish an 80% lower for you to use, not manufacturing.

    Finish 80% lowers to sell, manufacturing.

    I forget the specifics, but someone a few years back ran into the same thing. A company was selling 80% lowers then finishing them on site for "free" for the customer after the purchase. That was deemed manufacturing since they were doing it as part of a sale. The same company could sell you the lower, let you borrow the tools, and even show you how but you had to be the person physically doing it. Then you are NOT manufacturing since you're making it for yourself.

    So the allegation appears to be he was finishing/assembling firearms as a business without a license.
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    ATF changed the 'using other guys stuff' to build guns / build parties a while back. You can't borrow the mill / jig from someone and/or push the go button.

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