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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameramonkey View Post
    And what percent of them as fortune 500/1000 CEOs have their own private security, live in gated communities, etc? Probably most.

    F*** them and their bodyguards. Disarm yourselves, then we can talk.
    What's wrong with their bodyguards? They're just doing their job, and probably getting well paid for it. People often don't have the luxury to quit their jobs simply because they disagree with the political stances of their bosses.
    I Have the Worst Crew Ever

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    I own a business, can we do something similar? I'll even give myself a fancy title...

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    I'd like to see JJ Abrams and his company Bad Robot staunchly have a "no guns policy" for all of their productions henceforth. It would last about two years until the company went under.


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