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    Houston Police Chief SLAMS Senate Republicans

    Asks “Whose side are you on?”:

    Of course it’s the NRAs fault, too...
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    Ironic he sides with the side that hates cops.
    I find you offensive for finding me offensive.

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    ’Nuff said.
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    Just another big city 'politi-chief'. Plenty of 'blue' spaces in TX just like there's lots of 'red' in IL...or IN. The balkanization of the country isn't along state lines

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    Chief =/= cop. Cops know to blame the person, not the tool.
    Quote Originally Posted by Birds Away View Post
    You'e thinking in circles and you have yourself surrounded.

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    That guy needs some help losing his job, just as he suggests.

    The fact that he brings up the NRA says everything. Using the liberal buzz words. Just watch, Trump will be the next thing out of his pie hole.
    Done, done, and I’m on to the next one...

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    Acevedo was police chief in Austin before going to Houston, and he was equally anti-citizen then too.

    When the Legislature held hearings on the campus carry bill a few years ago he testified against it. This was at the beginning of the "campus rape is out of control" frenzy and one of the senators asked him about coeds carrying. At the time I transcribed as best I could (from watching the video of the hearing) what Acevedo said:
    The same thing concerns me, that now that we’re really creating an environment where people are lawfully allowed to carry firearms on campus… and we’re, we’re gonna …we’re gonna {unintelligible} sexual assault victims, that we have a lot of resources to help these young people to survive assault, uh different sources and so forth…than to potentially murder victims … and so we are very much opposed …
    So what I got out of that is he did not want women to have guns to protect themselves because after they get raped there are lots of resources to "help them."


    Oh, and p.s.

    He's whimpering about the NRA because a HPD officer got shot recently, and I think he is trying to deflect attention from the fiasco his department created during a sham drug raid that killed two citizens and wounded four cops. (Allegedly when the cops went in they met an aggressive pitbull and shot it, then the male citizen came from a backroom and shot an officer with a revolver, and his wife "attempted" to take his shotgun, so the cops killed both the male and female occupants as well. Somehow four cops ended up shot. The house shows numerous bullet holes in the exterior wall).

    At least two of their senior narcotics investigators fabricated "evidence" including supplying the heroin "found" in the house, and told lies about "sources," one is now facing two capital felony murder charges in state court, the other is facing obstruction of justice charges, and both are facing federal charges as well. I think it's 2000 drug cases already prosecuted are involving the two officers are under review and 14,000 more from the narcotics division are under review because of these idiots. Acevedo has been claiming for months that despite the lies on the raid affidavit that his officers "had reason to be there," i.e. the citizens were really drug dealers, because a neighbor reported that her daughter bought drugs there and "small amounts" of cocaine and marijuana were found in the raid. Given that the heroin was bogus, I'm inclined to be doubtful about the other drugs as well. Now turns out that neighbor with the daughter lied as well, and is charged with making false 911 calls to the police claiming the citizens were selling various drugs.

    It is a complete ****show that Acevedo is still trying pin on the people in the house.
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    I just saw the article and read his quotes. What a putz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoughMade View Post

    ’Nuff said.
    As I've noted elsewhere, tryin' to be the Chicago of Texas.

    They have a very left-oriented DA there, and with this case the HPD has just handed her their gonads and a hammer.

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    Extract from Houston Police Officers Union memo to members:
    In the memo to members, HPOU’s executive board wrote “there is a time and place for every discussion, and this was neither the time or place. We are all grieving for Chris and the focus should be on him and his family and not on the Chief's agenda....It is very clear to anyone watching, the chief owes the entire Houston Police Department an apology for hijacking this somber moment.”
    Whole thing at link.

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