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    Washington DC Police Department to be the FFL for DC..

    In an attempt to avoid lawsuit, DC says police now acting as FFL

    Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Monday that the city’s Metropolitan Police Department will temporarily serve as a federal firearms licensee for city residents who want to purchase a firearm during the coronavirus closures. The sole FFL in Washington, D.C. “abruptly” stopped accepting new customers last month, according to the mayor, and there was concern that if residents had no way to acquire a firearm during the city’s declared emergency, Washington D.C. was going to be sued over the violation of the Second Amendment.
    The mayor said she is doing this because she doesn't want outside groups "meddling" with DC's gun laws...

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    Seems legit.
    Though it's just a memory
    Some memories last forever- RUSH- Lakeside Park

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    Heh, sure...

    Hours of operation?
    Processing & handling delays?

    Would we expect them to already be a licensed & regulated FFL?
    Or are they going to skip right over that part and claim some kind of immunity?

    I cannot see any way that this actually works out in a beneficial fashion.
    Other than creating a impervious holding zone for these transfers to escape 2A suits.

    Really, only one LGS in DC? That's un-American!

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    I’ll take government overreach for $1,000. Alex.
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    FFL= interstate commerce.

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