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    New resident carry

    I moved from Illinois March 14 2020 but with the virus thing having the BMV shut down was not able to get my Indiana drivers license till May 15th. Then being busy doing all the stuff associated with moving into a new home and getting the old one sold and fingerprinting scheduled it took time. Indiana law says all residents must have an Indiana license to carry so I have not been able to carry here since May 15th. I have been carrying in Indiana since 2003 when I got my Utah and Florida licenses and then in 2014 my Illinois.
    It is too late to affect me because I have applied and am awaiting local approval so finally moving along with the process slowed down for the virus. I think it would be a good thing for Indiana to let new residents carry on any valid license for say 60 or 90 days. In a normal year when everything isn't shut down it would not be such a big thing but it still feels weird to not be able to carry. Jim.

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    It really does not take long to get - in most cases. When I moved from Illinois (not too long ago) I applied and had everything done quickly and from start to getting the
    license was "maybe" 10 says; and that included a memorial day weekend.

    Be patient, it should not take long (not like Illinois - not close)
    NRA - Life

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    With respect to the BMV, I discovered some (like local to me in Carmel) are booked through December, but if I checked availability a few miles away off of Michigan Rd I was able to get an appointment w/in 10 days. For me the DL is a gating factor both for the LTCH but also to apply for my Investigator's license.

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    Congratulations on moving out of Illicommienois. You will be amazed when you go to a local gun shop and won’t be treated like a leper without a FOID card!

    If you always do what you've always done you will only get what you've always gotten.

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