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Thread: IL FOID ?

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    IL FOID ?

    So moved out of IL 7 years ago or so. Threw the unconstitutional FOID card away as soon as I lived on free land. Got a letter in the mail from IL state police demanding I turn in my FOID card because it is revoked, or get a misdemeanor. A) who keeps stuff like that for 7 years after not needing it? B) what do I do, not like they will let me reapply to get one to turn into them, and the old one is long gone.

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    Send them a letter explaining you left the state of Illinois over 7 years ago, and you have destroyed your FOID card. Maybe get the letter notarized. I assume they revoked it because they found out you don't live in the People's Republik of Illinoize anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dosproduction View Post
    or get a misdemeanor.
    What does that mean?

    I moved out of that dump a few years ago and also destroyed my ever so precious FOID card. Wonder if they will come after me?
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    Moved out a few months ago. Guess I'll toss my old FOID and CCL license in the file cabinet so I'm ready once they demand I send them back.

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    7 years? Wonder if some statute of limitations would come into play.

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    Mail them a Polaroid of your ass and a stick of lipstick.

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    There are a couple of triggers that they audit. Divers licence expiration is one of those, or when it is surrendered to another BMV and I'm sure others. If it's the standard letter, it probably says to surrender it to your local PD within 48 hours.

    I would go to your local PD with the letter and explain what you did with the card and if they will do a quick information report documenting what transpired. Depending on the agency, they may send it directly to Illinois FSB (seriously, that is the unit) if they are nice. If not, get a copy and send it yourself.

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    I also have my FOID and CCW from illinois, will probably just keep them until they revoke them and want them back. I am just making a guess but if they don't get them back and you get stopped in Illinois it could be a bad day. I still own a small piece of property there and have friends and family there so do enter that horrible state every now and then. Jim.

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    Ok so just got it all settled. I called IL state police, FOID department. Just a automated annoying thing that goes no where very slowly. Called a bunch of other IL state police things, same. Finally called Human resources, real person answered, awesome. They said they would make a note in my file and that it is just a standard form sent out that it was fine. Real friendly guy said he wished he could move to IN as well. I told him we would love to have him. Here's the number for if any of you end up having this happen. 217- 557-1668. Hope that settles it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullmetaljesus View Post
    Mail them a Polaroid of your ass and a stick of lipstick.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I like that!!


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