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    Bare Arms in Noblesville.

    I had just went in to browse but ended up wanting to buy a new handgun. I was in there for a good 15 minutes browsing when I went to the counter to ask about handling some of the guns. He asked what I was looking for, I told him, and he selected some guns for me to look at. When he came back he asked me if 'that is secure' nodding towards the LC9 I open carry. I told him it was loaded and he told me that I needed to unload it. I asked, 'You want me to handle a loaded firearm?', he said yes or that he could do it for me. I told him I would do it, but it just seemed safer not to coon-finger a loaded gun without good reason. Against my better judgement I unloaded the gun and placed it on the counter. He took the loaded mag and the spare round and put them on the counter behind him, as if I would just load a gun and shoot him. I wasn't happy about this, but I wanted to look at those guns on the counter. I picked though the guns and decided I liked the FN 9mm and said I would buy that and a holster for it. He got the paperwork and I started filling it out. By now, there are two LEO's in the store, one is standing next to him behind the counter. He didn't ask either of them to 'disarm' when they came in. While filling out the paperwork I told him it was odd that I was asked to disarm, that I had never been asked to do that in a gun store before. He replied (and was echoed by the LEO) that all the gun stores he knew of asked you to disarm. I didn't mention that of the 5 gun stores in Anderson, I had never been asked to disarm or if the gun was even loaded. So I keep filling out the paperwork (still willing to buy the gun but not willing to ever come back to this store) and thought to ask him something else. I said, "Are you taking responsibility for my safety while I'm in here?" Now, I asked this is in the most even and non-smart-ass tone I could muster because it was a question I really wanted an answer too and not meant to bait him or start an argument. His demeanor changed instantly, his tone got deeper and his voice got louder. He said something along the lines of, "If you don't like it, you can go. You don't have to buy a gun here and the disarm is non-negotiable". He still didn't answer my question so I mentioned how there are people now talking about suing businesses that post no-gun sign's and then people get hurt or robbed while in those places and just wanted to be certain he was willing to protect me should the need arise. He was still upset and still short of yelling when he said, "I"m not a lawyer so I don't know how to answer that question. I don't know what you know (meaning he doesn't know my intentions) so that is why I disarm people. There are two police officers in here (not when he disarmed me) so you don't have anything to worry about." Never mind that is the basis for gun-control and he is perfectly willing to sell me a gun and let me leave with it. Never mind that he only took the gun he could see and had no idea if I was carrying concealed. Never mind that the Supreme Court ruled that officers have no duty to protect you. Never mind that the store is full of ammo that I could have put in my pocket or that if I had intended to harm him, I would have done it the first time he turned his back to me before he disarmed me, or that I would have even had the weapon openly displayed.

    Well, needless to say that I won't go there again. I thought I would share my experience here. I see on Google Reviews that the place isn't that popular and gets similar comments.

    EDIT: I did not buy the gun. I'll see if Gunslingers in Anderson has it. They have always been nice to me and spend the time needed to find what I'm looking for. They don't even push 'in-stock' sales on me. If what I want isn't in stock, they have no problem ordering it. I wish that had that range done.
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    I would have left when he asked me to disarm.
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    You do not have to deal with a smart-A$$.
    I would have left when he asked me to un-load and definitely when he took the mag.
    Did you buy the gun....

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    Did you buy the gun or not?

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    I, too, would have just left when asked to disarm. His business, his rules, my dollars.
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    Nobody disarmed you, you chose to.

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    I'm hoping you ripped up your paperwork and left without buying anything. It's been discussed before and mainly those signs are for insurance purposes. The guy should not be selling you a gun if he is scared of you having a gun.

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    I would have left immediately. By buying from them you are supporting their policies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEIndSAM View Post
    I would have left when he asked me to disarm.
    Yep. I'm not sure why you even considered buying from him after that.
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    This is the closest store to my home. I've been there once and I won't go back.
    There seems to be an attitude of "I know it, you don't"
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