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    Marksman Shooting Sports in Westfield

    Very nice, well run, simple shop located in Westfield, IN on SR 32 and Cary Rd. He doesn't stock tons of inventory, ammo, or accessories, but has never not had what I was looking for or an answer for a question. I have made two firearm purchases here, and have came away from both feeling that I received very fair prices on the firearms and on a trade in. His inventory is mostly geared towards self defense and assault weapons. I highly recommend a visit to this shop if in the market.....he has become my goto first stop when looking for anything.

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    I will second this. Met the owner just after he opened up and was very impressed.

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    I met the owner as well. I had them transfer a P228 frame I picked up. Been in to the shop a couple of times - nice place and the folks there are good people.

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    Yep. Chris (owner) is good people. Knowledgeable, fair prices, exceptional service. He's my go to for transfers...even at $35...which used to be $20.

    He even remembers my name when I come in.

    I drive right past another store that supports the right to "bare" arms and go to marksman due to the other shops lack of service.

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    Bought a used .38 for a fair price ($260 plus tax, Charter Arms lady owned) couple of weeks ago and Chris was very good to work with.
    I called him back yesterday to ask about any used .22 revolvers, and he knew who I was, which always impresses me since I'm so bad with names.
    Went back to buy either a 9mm a .40 and talked with Chris' Dad for over an hour, then went back later in the day and bought a used Taurus PT 709 Slim 9mm for $180.
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    I try to stop by there when I am in the area. Seems to get interesting used guns but turnover fast. Have watched his youtube videos for a couple of years. Felt he had helped me with his videos so visited in person and he had a P365 at a competitive price and I gave him some business.

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    Chris is a great guy, Marksman is a really nice shop with very fair pricing. I am fortunate to have them both down the street. I recommend them very highly.
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    Chris is A straight up guy for sure.I have bought quite A few guns from him new and used.Also bought firearms online and had shipped into Chris.He also has some review of firearms on utube that are really good.

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