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    Oh, and BTW, The name of his shop means "Warrior King" in latin.

    (not fluent in anything except Google, so dont be impressed)
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    I stopped in once over the summer. Takes less than 5 minutes to check out their inventory. Nothing but cheap pistols and expensive double barrel shotguns.

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    He told me he trains over 10,000 people annually and his 8year old daughter earned over $96,000 shooting in 2015. I also heard that Glocks are garbage, he builds AR-15s for elite operators worldwide, he's shot more people than I know, but the .40 going away is new material. I'm glad he's updated his BS game.

    If you google him, he was a limo driving, engineer that somehow managed to make a sports car with some guy that had money. Only a couple of the cars ever sold. I just wonder how he has time to do all this and still staff a gun store in Mooresville full time.
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    I checked out his shop, once, based upon a recommendation from my former father-in-law. After hearing all the noise and wasting a half-hour of my life, I left, never to return. And it is only five minutes from my house.

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    Been there once. Was killing time before a dr appt. I think he caters to the not so informed, lets face it there are alot of those!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kawtech87 View Post
    Bradis has always been good to me. I was upset with them when they let Mark go unexpectedly for no apparent reason but after realizing there still isn't a better gun shop closer to me ( USDS is a great place too but Bradis' selection is larger ) so I still go there.

    Rex Bellator however I'll never step foot in again.
    You should head over to Plainfield Shooting Supply as well. I'm done with Bradis. USDS seems like a good shop, been in there a couple of times, but generally make my way to PSS when there is money to be spent.

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    Either he's a complete idiot or a liar.
    Those 2 things are not mutually exclusive.

    In any case, OP, thanks for saving me the trouble. I usually try and check out gun stores when I see them, but no need to waste the time on this one.
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    Just moved to Mooresville, thanks for saving me a trip.
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    Ol Rex is a tool for sure. I went in there one time to see if he had any 75-77gr 223. He said nope dont have anything that heavy. He asked me what my barrel twist was and i said 1:7. He informed me that i didnt have enough twist to stabilize 75-77gr ammo and that i needed a 1:5 or 1:6 twist. I was so dumbfounded by his utterly stupid that i just said oh ok instead of arguing with him.. He had some 380 xtp ammo which is what i want for my pocket gun because its about the only ammo that will pass the 12" mark in gel testing. He basically told me it was junk and that i needed to buy the g2 ripper ammo. I just shook my head. Yeah Glock is going out of business because they are junk. He did rattle off the someone else that he trains like 10,000 people year. A guy i know his mother went in there one time to look at pistol He asked her if ahe knew how to shoot it. She said no my son is a marine and he is going to teach me. rex told her that marine dont know crap about guns and they only know how to kill people. Needless to say she left. Ive heard stories from every person i know who has ever been in there.

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    Marlin is well known for his BS. When he first got his FFL he was running it out of his shop behind his house because he was getting out of racing due to he had done everything in that field and was the best at it. Just do a You tube search on him you can find him telling you how great he is, He told me he was going to manufator suppressors at first. Then a few months later he wanted nothing to do with them. Now hes training thousands of people and he is his suppliers biggest shop they cant keep up with his orders and on and on and on. His BS is not limited to just firearms. Any subject you bring up he is an expert

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    I heard his shelves are empty. I wonder if he is going out of business?

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