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    Advanced Weapon Systems - Greenwood, IN

    AWS is a custom AK builder in Greenwood.

    I had a DDI hungarian model that I picked up about a year and a half ago. After a few issues right from the factory, and needing to send it back to DDI, it was shooting good. Picked up some accessories and took it down to AWS to get them installed.

    I had the factory trigger from my DDI (surprisingly nice) swapped over to my M92 pistol.

    I then had a ALG AK trigger and a Kreb's safety installed in my DDI. While installing the ALG trigger, he did a few polishing tweaks to make it run 100%. He also noted some fitment issues with the dust cover/recoil assembly of the DDI that he cleaned up.

    AWS checked the headspacing (I asked him to go over the whole DDI gun for me) and noticed the bolt would close on the NO GO gauge. Obviously this was a concern, and with the latest fiasco with DDI being sold, I didn't want to risk sending a gun back for the 2nd time when they can't seem to get their QC issues figured out.

    So I had AWS tackle the headspace issue as the gun was already there, and he noticed a few things that would otherwise have been looked over.

    Picked up the gun today, shoots great, the trigger feels amazing. Quick turn around, good pricing, and good communication.

    You can check these guys out here:


    Advanced Weapon Systems

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