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    Get Stockpiled in Columbus, In

    So I found this shop when I had an ar15 for sale, at a low enough price to attract a shop to buy it. Stockpiled is a small shop on the southern edge of town off of Marr Rd. near Gladstone. They are easy to miss, but worth looking for. I've bought multiple magazines, parts, and had sold them a rifle. The shop itself sells everything from reloading supplies to emergency food supplies. They have a very acceptable selection of rifles and pistols, and regularly have a few cz's in the cabinet. The guys there are friendly and let you shop without pestering. I've only been in a handful of times, mostly in grab an item pay and leave visits, but I've never heard anyone behind the counter spouting the typical arrogant gun counter salesman lines. They also seem to deal in quality firearms near exclusively, which may be bad from a sales volume standpoint, but refreshing to see nonetheless. The shop is clean, well lit, well staffed, and not oozing with testosterone. This shop is an asset to the local area and I'd suggest a visit to anyone who is shopping around.

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    Cool, always interested to hear of new shops within a reasonable driving distance.

    May have to check them out.
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