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    Bare Arms Noblesville, NEW Management

    I heard about this, and noticed someone updated the last thread that was a complaint about old management. Letís start a new thread, as the new management deserves new experiences, not paying for the bevahior of old management.

    Anyone been there now? Starting to change? Iíll be giving them another try. New management is a new shop in my eyes.
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    I'll stop next time i'm in Jiffy Lube.
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    I've been in a few times since Derrick and Melissa took over the store. They're genuine people with a desire to succeed by way of customer service and based on the attitude of counter operators at some other stores, this is a huge plus for me. I'm excited to watch them grow and become successful

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    Was just in there today and talked with Derrick. Seems to be a great guy. Customer service has definitely changed. Will be going back VERY soon to pick up a few things. BTW, he said they have a much larger inventory on line than what's in the store. They are also a Blue Label dealer !


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