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Thread: Hoosier Armory

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    Hoosier Armory

    Is Hoosier Armory still run by the same people that used to run it out of their garage? It's been many moons since I was there (obviously, since they are in an actual shop now). I used to work in Greenwood, and did my orders/FFLs at Defense Solutions (always happy with them), but now I work in Noblesville and only about a mile from the new (to me) Hoosier Armory. I have previously bought some ammo and accessories from them when they where at the old location, and always had a good experience. I'm looking to place an order for a new gun, and was going to return my business to them if it was still the same people.

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    I'm pretty certain it is. This has become my go-to shop and there are good people there.

    Just a reminder that they do have a 3% surcharge for credit/debit purchases so you'll save some money if you're able to pay cash.
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    Hoosier Armory has become my go-to shop as well. Great people there. They went way above and beyond for me during a mix up for a transfer from an out-of-state seller. I thought it showed great customer service when I wasn't even buying the gun from them. They will always be the first place I look now.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys! I may run in there and see about placing an order with them (available at the "warehouse" per their website). Premier Arms came HIGHLY recommended as well, but being in Brownsburg and closing at 6pm would make it hard to get there in time leaving Noblesville at 5pm.

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    Hoosier Armory gets their online orders in quick. I ordered a firearm off their website and it was delivered to them in 2 business days. A buddy of mine had the same experience. Jim, the asst. manager, said that is the typical wait.
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    FWIW, I was getting ready to place an order, and intending on paying cash to avoid the CC fees. However, they no longer charge CC fees, so cash is the same as credit.

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    I stopped in yesterday because I was in the area, it's a nice store and the staff was very helpful, i'd go back again.

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    Hoosier Armory was one of the 1st shops I learned about when I started buying 2 yrs. ago and have bought a couple new guns and about a half-dozen used ones (.22LR & 9mm).
    Rick, the owner will work with on their used gun prices: I have made offers I didn't expect to win, but did.
    They have the best new prices on guns I've found locally (don't know if they've raised prices since they are in a "real shop" now).
    I use them for my benchmark on new gun prices, and sometimes I won't buy a used gun b/c for a few bucks more I can get new.
    I don't live up that way anymore but my last buy a few months ago was a Browning Buckmark 7.25 barrel Target pistol they wanted $375 for and I got it for $325.
    They definitely mark up the prices of their used guns (some more than others) and will deal with you.
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    Same owner from the start. Super nice folks and decent prices there and online.

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