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Thread: Indy Gun Bunker -1

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    Indy Gun Bunker -1

    Had a layaway there and stopped in to find a holster during my lunch break and maybe put a few bucks on my layaway.

    I guess the store manager or owner, bigger guy, asked me what I needed, told him I needed an OWB holster for my Taurus 605. He brought out three leather options, but they didn't really call out to me, was hoping they might have something with a thumb strap. Told him I was looking for something like that, so he put the holsters back on his shelf, but then completely ignored me. Went back to checking in items, didn't ask if I wanted something else, didn't ask about an IWB holster, which I was also considering. I saw a holster on the shelf that he didn't bring up to the counter that was on the wrong peg but would have fitted the bill. Stood there for 5 minutes, him eyeing me, finally coming over and asking if I wanted to see another one. I examined it, good to go. Not great customer service, but I'm used to it at gun shops.

    I asked about my layaway and that I was thinking of just cancelling it and I understood there would be a restock fee. No, he said, no restock, you just lose all the money you put on it or just pay it off or extend the time that it can be in layaway. Most places, if not all, offer restock, not just "lose all your money you put on it". Thank God it was a single shot shotgun, not a Glock or something. He then pronounced that 'it was on the contract agreement you signed'. No offer of customer service or restock at a percentage, nothing that a normal gunshop and every other one I've been to would do. Just stick to job description, shove the contract in their face.

    Fine, put the holster back, I'll pay off my layaway and not return. Tried to give me a free range token, but reminded me "we don't allow shotguns". Coupled with their range being down because the hood rats shot up the target holder rails. No consideration of customer service, no focus, just 'gimme the cash and get out' mentality.

    While I can give them a -1, I am sure the money they lost from me will be made up with a couple of straw purchase sales that I have frequently saw occurring there in the past in previous visits.

    Lesson learned. Stick to job description and don't deviate.
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    Man - haven't been there in ages. Since before it was IGB, I believe. I also work a whopping 4.6 miles from there.

    There's a reason that I've not been a customer in a long time. Probably gonna keep it that way.

    Pickings are slim on the East side of Indy anyhow - but Indy Arms gets my vote (and money).

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    I still care....Really
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    So it is Dons east.
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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    So it is Dons east.
    This is the closest equivalent I can determine. Don's has VERY expensive transfers ($75) whereas IGB does not do transfers (claims their insurance will not allow them... wife's an insurance agent and has already told me that if they are handling guns already, they can DEFINITELY do transfers lol, but they loudly tell anyone within earshot if a customer asks about transfers, they stick to that story). So one is prohibitively expensive (and therefore, no one would do it) and IGB doesn't do transfers.

    Their pricing can be really weird, usually on par with about 20-25% higher pricing than local retailers and cannot even hold a candle to online retailers, even after shipping/ffl. I wanted a RIA 200 .38 just for fun, of course, no transfers and the one they had was $320+ for the regular 4" model, whereas I can get them from my local store for $250 or transferred in for $235. Glocks are WELL north of $500 for base models and they will roll their eyes if you want to order one they don't have in the case. About $100 over other stores pricing on Dracos and AKs and I have yet to see a decent quality AR that wasn't an ATI, or an overpriced base model RRA.

    It's a shame because they are really close to my work and it was nice to have a lunch break to go shoot or peruse, but I'll pass...
    It's over for now... it seems... until yesterday begins again...tomorrow...

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    I was talking to a guy up here that said one of the big shops up here do the same on layaways. If you cancel, you lose whatever money you have put down so far.

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    Why do some LGS employees act if you're bothering them and should just go away?

    Then, there's others, like at a certain place way down south, that just won't quit talking and been hospitable?
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    Man, that's crazy. Their website is pretty clear about it Indianapolis Leading Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop, Indy Gun Bunker ... Just not sure why anyone would subject themselves to those restrictions and the possibility of losing everything they put on a layaway, when it would be less risk to just stuff the money in their mattress.
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    It's not like they're the only shop around full of dick heads.
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    Dissapointed to hear this. Isn't this shop run by the same family that owns the big Army Navy surplus store on Washington street? I have had several good experiences at the surplus store. Never been to the Gun Bunker.
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    But wait? What about all the talk about supporting the LGS instead of buying online? After all if we don't give these guys our hard earned money, they will not be in business when we need them! And we should all be jumping at the chance to pay more so they can keep their doors open.

    Sorry you have to experience this DH. I really detest poor customer service.

    What about this new place, Atkinson Firearms? I think that's the name. He is here on INGO. I've exchanged a few messages with them and so far they seem okay. I'll venture in one day and check them out. They did give me a fair quote on a new shotgun. Close enough to online, that I'd give him my business if he checks out okay.
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