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    Stevens Model 73 single shot .22

    For sale is a Stevens Model 73 single shot rifle. This will fire .22lr, .22 long, and .22 short. I have had it for a year or two now and put 100rds or so through it, no idea before that though. It's in very good condition and I've had no flaws out of it. There are a few little nicks in the stock that I tried to show in the third picture. The paint on the receiver has some nicks in it too, but there is no rust anywhere on the gun except the metal butt plate. This rifle would work well for anybody, but would be especially ideal for a young shooter as it has a safety that engages each time the rifle is loaded. For instance, when you eject the spent shell and put in a new one, the safety engages when the bolt is moved forward. Disengaging the safety is done by simply sliding it back with your thumb. I was also informed that you can disconnect the safety easily if you so desire.

    $100 FTF in Hendricks County, or westside of Indianapolis. SPF

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