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    Budget Shotgun for Deer Season - Escort 12 gauge

    Want to sell a shotgun I've owned for 5-6 years. I don't shoot it all that much, and am interested in the cash for other projects.
    The action is smooth, and it goes bang every time you pull the trigger. I tested some slugs last year before deer season. I've also shot clay with bird shot and used some buck shot. I've put maybe 100 rounds through it. It does have a few dings on the outside barrel.

    I bought it used from a cousin, but I believe it's the home defense model. Blued finish and synthetic stock. Holds I think 6-7 shells in the mag tube.

    Not looking to make any money on it, I'd want $150 out of it. I'd like to keep the shell holder.

    I work in Hendricks county and can meet in Brownsburg-Plainfield. Wouldn't want to travel outside of Hendricks.
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    any takers at $150? If not I'll sell at a local shop.

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    Pump action?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doublehelix View Post
    Pump action?

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    last call for any takers

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