Located in Indy area. Will ship on your dime or drive reasonable distance.

1. For sale are two K31 straight pull rifles in 7.5 Swiss. These should both have the troop tag under the buttstock, however I've never pulled it off to check. They were both hand picks at the time of purchase. Both come with the Swiss muzzle covers and I have handful of stripper clips as well. Lighter stock is $500. The one with the darker stock and bayonet $700. Not willing to separate bayonet at this time.

2. Up next are two Enfield No 4 Mk 2 rifles. For those that know this rifle, these are regarded as the best of the breed with the change to the trigger system and being post war models. Rifles are new and unfired. They have sat in my safe for over a decade after having been cleaned of most of the cosmoline. Additionally both rifles come with the correct bayonet and I have one reproduction canvas rifle bag as well. $1100 each.