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Thread: Remington 870 12 ga

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    Remington 870 12 ga

    Iím no longer deer hunting therefore Iím selling my Remington Wingmaster 870 12 ga. This is an early 1980ís gun. This gun will provide several options. I have a Hastings paradox rifled cantilevered barrel with a BDO (bullet drop reticle) 2x7 variable scope. The barrel/scope can be removed and remounted and never lose zero because the scope is mounted to the barrel. This combination will shoot 2Ēgroups at 100 yards with Remington slugs. I have several boxes of 5 pack deer slugs that will go with the gun. I also have a 26Ē ventilated rib choke tubed barrel. I have the original stock and forearm and an aftermarket nylon stock/forearm. The wood stock and forearm are in very good condition. The recoil pad is soft. When I hunted with the gun I used the nylon stock so the wood stock remained in great condition. I have chokes tubes for the 26 barrel including a turkey choke. All these features make this a very versatile gun.

    Iím located in Zionsville. The price is $800 which might seem like a lot for an 870 until you figure all the different components - two barrels, two stocks, scope, chokes, shells, etc. This isnít one of the current manufacture 870 guns with cheap wood and parkerized finish. The Hastings barrel alone is over $250. This combination is great for birds, deer, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, and coyotes. Might even be a great still board gun. Feel free to ask questions.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Iím gonna bump my post - AND - admit I made a huge mistake in my listing. The 30Ē barrel I thought was for my 870 is actually a Remington 1100 barrel so it isnít included.

    So, Iím adjusting the price accordingly to $700. I see other 870ís selling for $500 with two barrels but without a scope, the extra stock, and 7 boxes of Remington Premier Sabot slugs. So . . . . .what is now for sale is - the gun with a 28Ē Remchoke barrel with an extended turkey choke and a modified choke, the Hastings rifled cantilevered barrel with the attached scope, the aftermarket nylon stock, and the ammo. The 28Ē barrel is a 2 3/4Ē and 3Ē magnum barrel.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Rem 870 sold pending funds

    The gun is sold pending receipt of funds.
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    Buyer promised to purchase the gun 5 days ago. Never showed up. Buyer backed out of the deal citing unforeseen financial needs.

    Therefore, the gun is still available.

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