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    My advice for the Handi is to get a rifle caliber, then send it to them to put a .357 barrel on it.

    If you just get the .357 Handi, it probably can't be upgraded with rifle barrels. Their web site explains it - different frames - SB1 and SB2, IIRC.

    And yes I would probably have it rechambered to .357 Max
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    Quote Originally Posted by Green04 View Post
    i was going to buy the .357 handi rifle then i found out they had a .44mag i grabed the .44 only because its a little big bigger, and the rifle is the same price. i LOVE my handi rifle. somehow the hammer is broke and wont stay back, but there going to fix it for free. theese things are tac drivers...mine was VERY accurate and when i asked people about them, thats all i heard was how accurate they are. ive never heard a bad thing about them, i think ull love it.
    The only bad part about the .44 barrel is it is Marlin rifled. i.e. It is too slow of a twist to stabilize anything over 250 grains. This bummed me out about my Marlin 1894. Hopefully the Handi-Rifle is better.

    I reamed my Handi .357 to .357 Max. I've been trying to work up the best load, but it takes a while, because the shots move from cold bore.

    I own a .357 Max reamer if someone close needs to borrow it for a couple of bucks. You can hand ream in a few minutes.
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    FYI, Gander Mtn in Evansville has two of these in .44 magnum on clearence for $224.95 each. Cool thing is they are SB-2 receivers with open sights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by indyjoe View Post

    I own a .357 Max reamer if someone close needs to borrow it for a couple of bucks. You can hand ream in a few minutes.

    Nice, I will have to remember that. I have rented my last 2 Max reamers online.

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    Cool .357 max site:

    .357 Maximum

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    Any thoughts on the shorter barreled versions, like the TALO. I think they are approx 18" long. Would that make much of a difference in velocity? I am pretty sure I'm going to get one and it will get reamed to MAX. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts.

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    I built an Encore Pro Hunter this fall with a 357 max Pro Shop barrel. I love it! I got a lot of info from the website listed above. I can shoot accurately out to 200 yards if need be. Ammuntion was purchased from Reed's Custom Ammuntion and

    Rose Reloading LLC
    Custom Loading of Rifle and Pistol Ammunition
    Bill Rose
    7805W 1500N.
    Silver Lake, IN 46982
    Phone: ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)
    email: ***Email Address Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)

    Bill is a super nice guy and very knowledgeable.

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