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    Gepard GM6 Lynx .50cal

    Where do I buy one of these?

    Gepard GM6 Lynx .50 Caliber Rifle

    [ame=""]YouTube - Now This Is A Rifle (Gepard GM6 .50 Caliber Heavy Sniper Rifle)[/ame]
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    Wow the recoil reminds me of the M2HB "Ma Deuce" and the compactness and ability to shot standing is awesome. However with all that recoil and moving parts it has to affect the accuracy. Now granted I am not making shot at 2000 yards but I would still prefer the Barrett M82A1. If I had unlimited funds that is, especially when the rounds are between 3-5 dollars.

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    There is at least one of these rifles out in the wild here in the USA

    SERO GM6 Lynx .50BMG Bullpup- Semi Auto : Semi Auto Rifles at
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    Op, please understand you need access to a long range firing range, and many ranges are not "50 friendly". Lots of bucks there. I shoot in our fields, with a good backstop.
    FCSA, fifty caliber shooting association's web site has a lot of information on ranges and costs of getting into this caliber.

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