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    Question AR15 Buffer Good from the bad?

    I guess my question is why in the world would a gun company put a gold in color buffer soft aluminum in a new gun? I shot 126 rounds and it chewed up the edge about a 1/4" in diameter and pretty deep too, I see some buffers have an H stamped in the middle what is a good one to buy for a semi auto? and the buffer spring is black should I change that as well? thanks and look forward to your guy's advice.

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    Something is not right and it probably isn't the quality of the buffer. You can get a brand new one of premium quality and it will end up damaged also.

    If you can post a picture it would give the experts here a better idea - I'm no AR expert by the way.

    I'd check to make sure the spring loaded retainer/pin that mounts vertically (in the rear of lower) is intact.

    I don't think the buffer would travel beyond it a whole 1/4" but close.

    When you separate the upper and lower does the buffer stay in the tube?

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    The 1/4" is the ware on the rim of the circle not in depth, The retainer chewed up the edge pretty bad like the buffer was made of soft materal,and yes I'll be posting some pictures soon learning how to do it on this site,thanks for your input

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    As an FYI, the "H" stamp in the middle refers to the weight of the buffer. H = Heavy, which is heavier than the standard Carbine Buffer. H2 is even heavier.

    The heavier the buffer, the more energy it absorbs from the recoil, and it will also reduce cyclic rate if you are firing in full auto or burst (if your gun is of course properly eqiupped and licensed).
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    What model, what company, need some specs brother.

    Is it a piston based gun?

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    Can you take a picture of the buffer and your BCG?
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    Sounds like a burr on the back of your bolt carrier is chewing up your buffer.
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    Without having seen the gun this does sound like the rear of the carrier eating away at the buffer.
    Over on the Weapon Evolution a guy called Quib did a pictorial writeup on how to stone the rear of a carrier to stop this from happening.

    A lot of AR's are overgassed, plus many of them have just a CAR buffer and a lot of times a semi auto carrier too. That's not an ideal combination.

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    Buffer retainer post

    The buffer retainer nipple that holds the buffer back is what is chewing up the rim of the buffer face, I tried to post the pictures but can't get them from the albulm to here. I was wondering if the buffer spring was the problem or over pressure from the bolt ( how to fix?) or could it be from the ammo?The spring is black and not the standered silver. any input or help would be great guy's. thanks Tim

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    Here you go


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