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    I have that bi-pod and it works well enough, but it is SLOW to deploy. I installed it on my AR that I use for groundhogs and coyotes. If I need to take a quick shot, I will just shoot from the kneeling position, or over a backpack.
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    Tikka CTR 6.5 creed in a Desert Camo Manners T4A with Atlas bipod rail. Seekins 34mm rings and a soon to follow Vortex Razor II 4.5-27. Griffin Recce 7 as a placeholder for now till my TBAC Ultra 9 gets approved

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    My son just picked up a Ruger precision rifle in 338 lupua. He added a Vortex crossfire II optic and a bi-pod A801C734-3209-469B-B316-E3B7D5E7D19C.jpg

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