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    want to build .308 ar

    I'm looking to build a .308 caliber ar. Dont know very much about brands, quality, specs, or features. I know i want a .308, so dont try to convince me to get a 5.56. Anyone have any thoughts on where i should look, what i should look at? Probably just gonna buy one piece at a time, what should i start with upper, lower? pistol grip? haha

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    i did alot of research on this a few months back. if i had gone threw with my plan i was going to buy the cheapest 308 ar i could, then swap out the parts i didn't want and keep the ones i could use. you figure 500 for a upper and lower, 225 for a bcg, 70 and that alone buys a cheap 308 ar. then sell the rest of the parts and replace them with what i wanted

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    Vette hit the nail on the head! Its way cheaper to just buy an already bulit .308AR then putting it together. You can find one already built for almost the same price of just a .308 upper. I found out the same thing when I was researching. Just find ya a DPMS or something and just add stuff to it to make it how you want.
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    If you are going to build, just get a Mega Ma-Ten and be done with the receivers. There is actually a set in the classifieds now....monolithic upper and all.
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    You also need to keep in mind that a .308 AR is NOT like a 5.56 --- the parts from one company may not be compatible with parts from another company. For example, with the .308 there are two magazine standards neither of which is compatible with each other. So once you go with a particular company, you are dedicated to that platform...

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    if you buy one and swap parts might consider armalite for a base gun but be prepared barrel replacements are not going to be cheap . amalites n.m. barrel is an absolute tack driver but the barrel is $500 and the swaping out your butt stock and trigger and add a free float tube rifle length your really better off just buying a good rifle from the git go . just not enough good prices on ar10 parts out there you could easy sink 2k on a rifle that you can buy for 1500 but you dont get the satifaction of building it and that is half the fun rra sells a very fine ar10 as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constructionist View Post
    Get an M1A

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZbornacSVT View Post
    If you are going to build, just get a Mega Ma-Ten and be done with the receivers. There is actually a set in the classifieds now....monolithic upper and all.


    i have a couple buddies that have built on the Mega sets and they love em

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    I would advise an AR-10 from Armalite..

    You can buy complete from places likes Bud's online. Or if you want to have a custom style setup then 762SASS has all of the Armalite parts, barrels etc.

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