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Thread: S&W M&P15 Sport - range report

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    S&W M&P15 Sport - range report

    Finally got to the range today to break in my new M&P 15 Sport.
    In my thread showing off my new baby, several people requested a range report.
    This is my first AR and I am getting familiar with the platform. I loved the rifle out of the box and after shooting her today I am even more in love. This is a very simple and basic rifle. Standard sights, 16" barrel, no forward assist, no dust cover, and all stock just how she was out of the box.

    I put about 150 rounds through it today and all went very well. Zero malfunctions and a very nice shooter. I ran three different kinds of ammo to test how well she eats and all ran flawless. Started with AE bulk pack 5.56, then went to some steel cased .223 I picked up from LGS (forget the manufacturer), and finished with some Tula .223.

    Very fun to shoot and I am hooked!!!! Accuracy is better than I can appreciate I am sure. I am still getting accustomed to the AR platform and getting familiar with the sights so accuracy started out sketchy at first, but finally started to tighten up after more mags went through her. I started out shooting low and was able to walk it up to the center. Can't wait to get more trigger time with her and really see what I can do.

    Basically for a very affordable AR I could not be more pleased. Accuracy just needs improved on my end , functioning = 100% with all ammo used so far, and handling was great.

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    Very nice! I like the M&P15 nice AR for the money. If you have never shot them that much the accuracy of the AR platform is very surprising at first. The only thing I can tell ya, is that those black rifles have a strange tendency to multiply
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