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    Range Report: OneBadV8's new Savage 110BA .300 WIN MAG (pics/vids)

    Recently fellow INGOer and pal OneBadV8 picked up a new precision rifle-- a Savage 110BA in .300 WIN MAG with AccuTrigger. Looking for an excuse to get together and shoot, we decided to stretch it out a little bit (not a lot) down at lovemywoods' range.

    Factory specs on the rifle can be found here: Savage Arms Firearms > 110 BA

    We arrived down at lovemywoods' place in the late afternoon. The first thing that got my attention about this rifle was the case he transports it in. Its an enormous hard-sided Pelican case that he picked up FOR FREE from thoughtful and generous INGOer Dave Doehrman ( ).

    Here you will notice how the large case easily spans the width of the ATV cart.

    After unlatching 6 large latches the drooling began . . . . .

    And the after the drooling we commenced the fondling. . . .

    The weather was gorgeous and perfect for shooting! The air was slightly cool with almost no wind at all. The Brown County leaves had all turned to bright yellow. It was nice enough that Kr_Treefrog2 joined us and helped by snapping some of the pictures.

    OneBadV8 gave us a quick rundown on the rifle, its operation, and why he picked it. lovemywoods and I then took a minute to check out the Falcon Menace scope. I have limited experience with this type of scope, but the glass was very clear and it worked quite well during our time shooting.

    Of course we let OneBadV8 take the first shots. He started by shooting at a target 50 yards away, just to see if his zero was on paper.

    Not only was he on paper, but his group of 3 rounds was 1 tiny ragged hole!

    Next up was my time to shoot. I decided to see what it would do to a pumpkin. The results were quite surprising!

    Entrance wounds:

    Exit wounds:

    We then moved to shooting from prone on the dam. Our targets were 211 yards away on the other side of the lake. Targets included 3 varying sizes of Bobcat Steel IPSC targets, some water jugs, clay pigeons, a bowling pin, a mostly empty can of spray paint, a splattering paper target, and one poor wooden Easter bunny.

    Hits were EASILY achieved on ALL targets. The smallest IPSC steel was 25%, which roughly translates to an 800 yard hit on a full-size IPSC. The Savage would reach out and touch that without breaking a sweat.

    Last month at NFA Day 2011 INGOer Yukon227 donated his treasured "woof shirt" for future range fun. We decided that today would be a good day to bring it back out and shoot it.

    Ol' OneBad made quick work of it, completely shredding the shirt and tearing it completely off the steel target (we put it back for the picture).

    We also placed a clay pigeon in front of a freshly painted steel target. When we hit it, the pigeon disintegrated and the remaining mark made us all do a double-take--- we thought maybe OneBadV8 had loaded a hot round.

    OneBadV8 also apparently hates the Easter Bunny, as he shot him square in the face and took his nose clean off!

    Trophy kill!

    After returning to the house and sitting down to a wonderful dinner of smoked sausage, green beans, and new potatoes, I had one more aspect of this rifle to explore*.

    Sure, it could knock the wings off a gnat on a dog's rear at 1k yards, but how would it fare in a CQB situation?

    With so much unused rail space, I decided to mount an offset Aimpoint red dot sight and a Surefire weaponlight. This allowed me to engage across-the-room targets with just a simple rotation of my wrist.

    It could also be used as an entry gun. Note 5.11 Tactical socks for enhanced breaching.

    And let's not forget the importance of SUL with a gun like this. . . .

    *everything after the word "potatoes" should NOT be taken seriously. Remember that the author of this thread once did an entire range report on a Nerf gun. He can be prone to fits of Tacticoolness and acts of random picatinny accessory installment. Please disregard entirely. INGO cannot be held responsible for the absurdity in the last 4 paragraphs.

    So here are today's take-aways:

    • The AccuTrigger is LIGHT, and would take some getting used to.
    • Recoil was surprisingly tame-- perhaps just a smudge heavier than 5.56.
    • With scope and bipod, I'm guessing the rifle weighed in around 17lbs-- not something you want to shoot offhand.
    • The barrel never even got warm.
    • I was surprised at how the rounds zipped straight through the pumpkin and water jugs without exploding them.
    • We were limited to just 200 yards which provided no challenge at all, so I would LOVE to see this thing stretched out to 800-1000.
    • OneBadV8 was very generous in allowing us to shoot his very nice and very expensive rifle. He's welcome back anytime, regardless of what gun he's toting.
    • lovemywoods was very generous for letting us play on his range. I also appreciated the fantastic dinner.
    • Shooting stuff is fun! Shooting in great weather is even better! Shooting stuff in great weather with great people can't be beat!

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    Wow... I want one. BAD.
    Quote Originally Posted by esrice View Post
    He trains average folks to kill other human beings so I'll get over a few 4-letter words.

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    I loved how loud the steel rang

    Seriously fun day, thanks again lovemywoods, esrice, and Kr_Treefrog2

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    I've banned a couple of people while in church.

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    I'm looking at getting one in 338 Win Mag. Maybe in a little less expensive model from Savage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    I thought I could eat sushi and then I saw westside eat sushi. I am in awe.

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    Very nice, thanks for sharing all the pics and vids!

    Photobucket SUCKS!

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    WIN! Want so bad , my must-have list keeps getting longer. Anymore information on the glass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chewylax8 View Post
    WIN! Want so bad , my must-have list keeps getting longer. Anymore information on the glass?
    Sure, its a Falcon Menace 5-25x50 Front Focal Plane Scope. The Elevation and Windage adjustments are 1/10 Mil per click. The reticle has drop marks every half mil has a good description and specs on it - Falcon Menace 5.5-25x50 Tactical 30mm Riflescope

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    I've banned a couple of people while in church.

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    I just saw a pic of Chucks butt..... oh wait I mean nice gun! Lol!
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    cowgirl = sneaky

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    Sorry guys I had to. It really looked like you guys had a great time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Suprtek View Post
    cowgirl = sneaky

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