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    Thanks guys, I have come to the conclusion that this is a non-issue with a quality rifle, the only reason I might want one that will fire 5.56 is because I have so much of it for my AR , and I have no 223.
    Is it six yet ?

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    Which 5.56 do you have?

    There is a huge difference between M193 and M855.
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    And which bolt gun are you looking at?

    Most of the manufacturers have cavernous throats, which mitigates the 5.56 in 223 Rem chamber problems.
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    I'm no expert in this but couldn't you have your 223 reamed out to 5.56 by a competent gunsmith? The dimensional differences are so small that it shouldnt take much to name it a 5.56 and then all the talk and concerns no longer apply.

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    You'd want to cast the throat first, as once you buy a throat reamer to stick in there you might find it is nearly a 5.56 already.

    You'd also want to peek if it is chromed.
    Book elk have to ride on the wing struts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim88 View Post
    for me 223 rem is a low caliber for a bolt action rifle

    Thats fantastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo View Post
    I do not know what all the big fuss is about, unless there are some really low grade bolt rifles out there I am not aware of. Any modern Bolt action firearm is strong enough for 62,000+ psi working pressures. Almost all .223 bolt actions are designed from actions that accomodate larger calibers, so the metal in the chamber chamber area is THICKER than it is with .473" bases cartridges (ala .308), certainly thicker than on an AR. That thick barrel screws into a chrome molly receiver, unlike an AR that attaches to an aluminum upper that you can cut with an axe. The Bolt lugs on a conventional Bolt action rifle have a large engagement area. The contact face area of the two lugs on a Winchester, Remington or Savage bolt action is much more than the actual contact area of those little lug faces where an AR bolt engages the barrel extension. I cannot understand why people think a Bolt action is not as sturdy as the lightweight AR chassis.

    Also do not forget that a Bolt action simply must be designed to handle more pounds of force because a 62,000 psi medium base cartridge has more square inches due to size produces a lot more pounds of force than the smaller .223 just because there is far less surface area.

    Remember the example that your thumb seals off a pin hole in a hose, but your thumb is not strong enough to seal the end of the hose even though the city water pressure is the same? Same idea here.

    The only place you will get in trouble is with antique rifles, whose metalurgy is questtionable, and the .223 was not developed that long ago. Your not going to blow up a bolt gun with any round that will shoot in the AR.
    Should be, yeah. Ask the manufacturer, and let them have as much of the liability as possible. Put the 5.56 in your .223 and you're risking the rifle at least, or worse picking pieces of the chamber out of your face with tweezers, even worse having someone else do it because you're blind now. There's no reason to take that kind of chance these days. If you can show where they said it was ok, you've got a leg to stand on. If they won't say it, don't assume. I'm not gonna come off looking like an ass here, so that leaves you.

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