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Thread: .17 HMR Ar-15?

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    .17 HMR Ar-15?

    Who has got their hands on one of these. Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?
    Alexander Arms Shipping AR-15's in 17HMR - Guns & Ammo
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    I was wondering when someone would figure out how to build an AR rifle in 17HMR. Just looked at Alexander's and was drooling over the prospect of getting one until I saw the price. Maybe I am getting old, but when I can get both a Ruger bolt action and Savage bolt action in .17HMR, both great shooters in their own right, for the same price as one "R-17HMR" I have to think twice.

    Then again, it's only money!

    It does look really nice!!!!

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    That's just not a round I see wanting to crank out in volume. I mean, if the zombie squirrel hordes come around, I think I'll just grab the 5.56.
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    It's a blowback operated gun which means it will be subject to some of the same issues as a converted 10/22 magnum. It's mentioned in the FAQs that you should clean the chamber every 100-200 rounds. If the AA version can't fire when the round is not fully chambered with the bolt in battery it may do OK. I hope so because a semi-auto in .17 HMR is a lot of fun. However, when it fires out-of-battery due to a dirty chamber the fun comes to a screeching halt. As in destroyed magazine, split stock, and small pieces of brass, wood, & plastic flying around! I clean the chamber of my HMR conversion every 50 rounds now.

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