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Thread: Who can thread a VTR "triangle barrel"

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    Who can thread a VTR "triangle barrel"

    I have a Remington 700 VTR and wasn't sure if you could thread the barrel or not. I managed to find pictures of one that was done on google, Could only find one though. It may be a 223 or something and mine is a .308
    Do you guys think it is doable?
    Any one know of a company trust worthy of performing such a task? hopefully also a thread protector similar to the one pictured.

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    Anybody who threads barrels would be able to thread that, it may just cost a bit more. Timing the threads to the barrel protector would be where they would charge a lot more. Most people use a crush washer, but to get a flush mount like that takes some extra math that most people wouldn't want to mess with.
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    Agree, its really no differant to thread than anything else, just need to make an interupted cut for a period of time which can be hard on tooling. Otherwise its the same old same old.
    I wouldnt expect that thread protector to be as cheap as others though.

    IF my lath were back together yet i would have been happy to help.

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    I've seen IT&D thread both triangles and octagons. I don't know if they timed the thread protector but I know they can.

    Their rifle smithing is top notch, best I've used in the Midwest.
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    Triangle stock centers up nicely in a 3 jaw chuck.

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    Thanks for all the info!
    Will I have to take the barrel off of the receiver to have it done?
    Any one know about how much I should pay?
    Am I correct in thinking that it will not have to be reblued or anything?

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    Should not have to remove it, should not have to have it reblued. anywhere close to 100 for the threading, thread protector is hard for me to quote out since i dont know what all it will entail.

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    Not hard to thread at all. Even the thread cap would be rather elementary. Unfortunately I can't do this for you at work.
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