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    Is there something up with thompson center?

    Im always talking about how much knowledge is on this website. my buddy has a encore with several rifle barrels. He was looking to add another for deer hunting this year but places he has bought them before is no longer producing barrels. His question was is there something going on with thompson center he doesnt know about? thanks in advance for any light shed on the subject.
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    I kknow they got purchased by Smith and Wesson. I think fox ridge might be where he was getting the barrels. They are producing barrel now from eabco and not getting them from the T/C factory now. Other than that I can think of nothing.

    EABCO = T/C Contender Custom Shop Barrels - Made to Order by EABCO
    MGM = Match grade Machine Custom Thompson Center Encore, Contender, G2 barrels, and Pro Hunter - MGM

    T/c = Thompson/Center - America's Master Gunmaker

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    Things are not what they used to be prior to the S&W takeover.

    G2 actions and stainless rifle barrels in particular.

    The lack of service parts, namely locking lugs, are putting the squeeze on custom makers as well. Some of them could use a good squeezing though.

    I just received a 20" 460 S&W factory Encore barrel I ordered in December.

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    I can vouch for MGM. I've got a 15" threaded contender bbl in .223 that will do 2" at 200 yds.
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    I haven't made it to the range yet, but My MGM 5.56 barrel was delivered timely and I was quite happy with the construction and finish, including the barrel threading (I am anticipating more flash than I will find comfortable, so I installed a vortex flash hider). Anything I have ordered from S&W has taken forever to receive. My advice is not to order anything from them that you want to see before the second coming of Christ.
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    Who did you get your 460 barrel from thats what he is looking for? If you have shot it are you happy with it?

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    One of my distributors, I've got 460 barrels on order from all of them.

    Quality appears to be on par with those I've received previously.

    Chambering job looks decent through the borescope.

    Haven't shot it thus far.

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