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    AR15's. What are you NOT a fan of?

    AR15's. There are so many different accessories, modifications, configurations.

    What are some that you are not a fan of? Accessories, mods, configurations that you dislike?
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    Bump fire devices.
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    The hard plastic factory grips

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    Carry handle uppers
    Crappy optic mounts
    Standard A2 grips
    Standard CAR stocks

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    The Word Tactical in the Title of the Accessory...
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    Too much tactical crap making an AR weigh as much as an Hk91.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemachine View Post
    What are some that you are not a fan of? Accessories, mods, configurations that you dislike?
    In general, I'm not a fan of changing something for change's sake, mods or accessories that "look cool" but do nothing to improve or enhance the rifle for that particular user, or the NcStar/Leapers/no-name cheap airsoft/pot-metal parts.

    Configuration-wise, Dissipators have never done anything for me, nor the "SD" look with a suppressor nested inside a free-float handguard.

    I see lots of guns/configurations I wouldn't own personally, but if it works for you, rock it out!
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    Standard CAR stocks
    No Parkerizing under the front sight base
    Fold down front grips

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    The way the gas blows back in my face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vedearduff View Post
    Bump fire devices.

    Looks like the rifle is growing a tumor.

    Anymore, I'm getting not to be a fan of front sight posts, just for the looks. Low profile with extended tube

    Unless it's a Colt SP1, carry handles are another. And even then, it's a Colt.

    Suppressors bug me too. Just because I haven't bought one for a 30 cal and did the paperwork yet so I'm envious

    M4 barrel profiles bother me too for some reason, rather have a pencil or a government profile.

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