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Thread: Best Krylon camo ARs? Please post pics!

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    Best Krylon camo ARs? Please post pics!

    I know you have seen some sweet Krylon'd ARs... I'm looking for ideas, what do you have? Post some pics! Thanks!

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    Not an AR, have 3 yrs of hunting on this paintjob, still looks like new (3 or 4 coats of clear matte). Degrease and flat black, let sit for a day or so, then lightly apply tape for stripes (tape torn for feathered edge, layered to build stripes). Paint OD, then fog stripes in tan. 'Bout 2 hrs total work time.

    Secret IMHO is to not make the stripes too close together. It gets "busy" then. This spacing works very well, did some visual testing with the rifle out in the field against a few different areas. Tried tighter patterns, and removed them (not fun).

    Can have a good pattern going and try to do that last bit extra to make it better, and screw it up. Knowing when to stop is key

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    Those are pretty sweet. Any more? I'm looking to do my AR in a functional camo for hunting... Leaning towards something like this:

    Or this:

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    Here is mine again.
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