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Thread: BCM /Larue

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    I've shot one. It was silky smooth EBR sweetness. Ahh!!!

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    Rub it in why don't ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop View Post
    Right from Larue -
    Accuracy: Average size of a 5-shot group, expressed in Minutes of Angle (MOA) less than 1 MOA (approx)

    So, ~3" at 300 yards. Still pretty damn good.
    Thats better, MOA is still a great shooting AR
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    Received the BCM this afternoon, gotta say...lookin mighty fine. I'd put fit and finish above my DD. First rds will be 10am tomorrow. They also threw a decent amount of crap in the box with it, a hat, 4 posters, degreaser and slip 2000 oil, an assortment of stickers and some NRA crap. The PWS muzzle brake is impressive to look at, see how it works in the morning.

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    I picked up a BCM 14.5" upper with permanent A2X flash hider. I plan to shoot it Sunday, it's damn fine looking. I got a bunch of swag as well. They did usually include the filthy 14 article with them but I didn't get one. Here's a link:

    S.W.A.T. MAGAZINE ? FILTHY 14 : Slip 2000 Official Blog
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    The "live free or die" on the bottom rail is a nice touch.

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    I have only shot one Larue.......mine a 16" Predetar I got mine in about 7 months but it was ordered in dec 2011 before the crazy hit........ I love it ,in fact it is my only 5.56 AR at this time

    Oh and a little Larue logo overload for anyone LOL

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    I have had a Larue PredatOBR on order since 8/1/12 not sure I can wait much longer since I cant get any kind of ETA.

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    The word I got was over 1 1/2 yrs before I get it, and he said don't count that as the gospel, he was guessing. Bonehead, that is a good lookin rifle. I shot my new mid length gas 18" BCM this morning, 150rds. The combination of mid length gas and the PWS brake makes recoil nonexistent. Not that the 5.56 kicks like a mule but it does make a difference. Also shot my mothers new baby sig 9, the 938ag, what an awesome little cannon. I want one now, but $700 plus one mag....maybe I'll wait to inherit hers.

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