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    Shotgun Show and Tell

    How about some sexy shotgun porn..I'll start.
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    Looks like a stormtrooper should be shooting that thing. Looks good. Nice contrast.

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    Thats nice looking!! I've been looking into a stock like that for my 870, but i've never seen the white one. I think i'm going with the Flat Dark Earth version. That white is nice looking though.

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    will be changing out the folding buttstock for a fixed one with pistol grip... anybody want to buy the folding one off of me? the cheek weld doesnt fit me very well which is why its going... it functions fine.

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    Once the weather is nicer I can take pics of my other 2 shotguns.
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    great looking shotguns. Im ready to do a Mossberg build, just haven't found a cheap 500 to start off with yet
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    boo for mossberg... they are nice guns... but i am an 870 believer, but lets not turn this into a glock vs xd.... 45 vs 40.... 870 vs 500 thread.

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    mossberg 500

    saiga 20 (with his frends)

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    GJ1981..may I ask what you paid for the M2? They are so beautiful.
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