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    Century Arms International GP1975

    I am thinking about buying my first AK and I came across this company. A made in Mericua AK. Does anyone own one of these?

    I'd like to hear from someone who owns or has fired the GP1975 before i buy.

    Thanks and carry on!

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    Standard "bottom of barrel" AK. Reliable, has had quality control issues in the past. Pretty well sorted out now, will serve you very well. Not pretty, not fancy, but they are as reliable a gun as I've ever had.

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    And "made in America" is relative; the GP1975 still uses some Romanian parts. The milled receiver Centurian 39 is supposedly all made here.
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    I had a GP1975 and it served me well. It was cheap and ran good, what is to complain about. It is best if you can put your hands on the actual gun you'll be buying. Check for canted sights, usually not a dea breaker but some are really canted. Check to make sure the rivets are set good, not set to one side of the hole. Look down the rifle from but stock to front sight for alignment of but stock, rear sight block and front sight base. Sometimes the butt stock can be installed crooked which is a deal breaker for me.
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    The WASR GP1975 I bought in 2010 had the original trigger group, and I experienced the painful "trigger slap" common to the factory triggers. A $50 TAPCO G2 trigger fixed that. The WASR underfolder I bought a year later had a G2 trigger out of the box. Just something you might want to be aware of. Aside from the "trigger slap" issue, I had no mechanical problems with either rifle. If it's your first AK, though, pay attention to how the "Shepherd's Crook" holds in the trigger pins or they'll work out when firing.
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