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    Thank you Mr Wizard
    For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face:
    now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

    (1 Corinthians 13:12)
    What a great day that will be too! Hope I see you on the New Earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warthog View Post
    Thank you Mr Wizard
    No problemo! Iíve been sifting through parts and manufacturers for a build pretty solidly for much longer than I care to admit!

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    First one I ever built...

    It began like this on a long cold dark day.

    And it it turned out like this.

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    Last edited by sig1473; 11-05-2018 at 19:22.
    "Eis Aner Oudeis Aner"

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    Here are a few of mine

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    BCM 14.5" ELW Fluted
    Geissele SSA
    Norgon Ambi-catch
    BAD-CASS 45-degree Safety Selector
    Armageddon Tactical Ambi CH
    ATPIAL-C on Unity Tactical HUB
    Surefire P3X Fury on HSP Thorntail
    Aimpoint T2 on Larue LT660
    Midwest Industries front and rear BUIS
    Ares Amentum Sling


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    Recent family picture:


    Sorry, it's hard to get them all together.

    I'll try to post another one in a bit.
    Quote Originally Posted by dburkhead View Post
    This is a discussion board. We're here to discuss, even if we <gasp> disagree.

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    Here's a different view of just the M-4s.


    I picked them up to celebrate returning to a (somewhat) free state.

    Anderson Lowers
    Damage Industries lower parts kits + enhanced recoil spring.
    PSA Magpul 16" uppers
    Tactical Expressions anodized enhanced trigger guards (so my wife and kids can easily identify which one belongs to each)

    Damage industries slim quad rail and "CD" marked enhanced trigger guard on my rifle.
    Quote Originally Posted by dburkhead View Post
    This is a discussion board. We're here to discuss, even if we <gasp> disagree.

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    Added an RMR in a offset mount to the LWRC this weekend, one step closer to living out my John Wick 3-Gun fantasy
    Quote Originally Posted by MCgrease08 View Post
    Dude, from what I can tell from your photos, you don't do anything bargin bin.

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    Just need the sling now... unless I decide I need a light.

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