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    AR-15 and M-16 Show And Tell

    How about a thread for everyone to post pictures of their AR15s?

    I'll start:

    Sorry for the poor quality.

    Some of my old AR15s or old configurations:


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    Well I don't have pictures of all of ours, and I only have a crummy photo of one of mine, but here you go.

    Pink AR15 is my 13 year old daughter's gun, its got a Ceiner 22LR kit installed. This is an old photo, before we had it duracoated with silver duracoat.

    Here is my 9mm carbine:

    This one is a 6.5 Grendel with a Bushy lower, Timney Trigger, and 24" Alexander Arms upper (sorry about the crappy 'cameraphone' picture).

    I don't pictures of the others . . . :do2:

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    Mil-Spec Colt

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    My favorite.
    My mother beat me in a knife fight.---Joseph Viray

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    Here are some pictures from when I first got it.

    Here are some pictures I took this morning with some new parts. I'm still deciding what I want to do with the optic. The NcStar scope I had on there won't fit with the flip up rear site and I don't like the short eye relief, so I might go against my better financial judgement and get an Eotech 512 that I found for a good price. I'm also thinking about an actual bi-pod and foregrip instead of the one piece unit. I got it for free though, so why not use it for now?

    On a side note, the UTG rear flip-up BUIS is nice, but it doesn't have an elevation adjustment. Is this normal? I had to turn the front site up about 3 1/2 turns to get the elevation right.

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    White Oak Precision.
    Nice and simple.

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