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    Marlin .22lr replacement sights

    I am thinking about picking up a Marlin Model 60 or an XT22. I like everything about the rifles except for the stock sights. I happen to think they are truly hideous. For those of you who think like I do, what did you purchase as replacements for your Marlins? I wouldn't mind going with Williams Fire Sights but I have yet to contact the company to find out if they make sights for Marlins. What do you all recommend? At this point, I really don't like scopes and would rather stick to using the sights on the firearm. Thanks in advance!

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    Red dot.
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    ^^ This ^^ Tech Sights are awesome. There are other peep sights to be sure. But Tech Sights are the most cost effective.

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    A set of Williams Fire Sights will set you back about $23.99 or so. I put a set on a 795 and a 60.

    Williams Fire Sight Set Marlin 925 Aluminum Black Fiber Optic Red
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    I'm just here because I read every thread about the Marlin 60.

    ...but yeah, the sights are dark. I like the fiber optic sights.
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    Again.....This^^^^^^^^^^ +100

    I have 2 Marlin 60's. One older and one newer. I have Tech Sights on both of them. I can shoot far, far more accurately with these sights than the stock ones. I guess it would depend on if you prefer a peep sight arrangement.....I know I do.
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    Another +1 for Tech Sights. Great company to deal with.

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