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Thread: What makes AR type rifle better for home defense?

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    Good thread going here with many great points. I'd just like to offer up my experience with an AR and over penetration or the common missconception. I've personally had the opportunity to shoot through many things and an AR is less dangerous in a home defense situation than a pistol or shotgun in imo. If I were using a shotgun it would be loaded with birdshot. Just research and read....try some things out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacknwhite View Post
    If I were using a shotgun it would be loaded with birdshot.
    No. Birdshot is for birds. I've seen a lot of folks shot close range with bird shot. While the x-ray looks like a really difficult connect the dot puzzle, the wounds are much too shallow to physically stop someone.
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    Good point, but AR it is for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy View Post
    Why is the AR being used for HD uses over a handgun?
    in the middle of the night, I may not be wearing a gun belt and holster and spare mag carrier for a pistol. w/ an AR, everything I need is on the gun... light, sling, and spare mag. If the immediate threat is over but I need both hands (eg for CPR or make phone call), I have a way to carry the gun (sling) w/o need for a holster, this means I don't have to set the gun down, have it get out of reach/control, etc. You could even put a tourniquet/aid kit on it...

    just some other practical advantages to an AR besides ballistics and range...

    Quote Originally Posted by foszoe View Post
    One thing that hasn't been discussed but I heard in a class somewheres...maneuverability. with a handgun one has a free hand to grab loved ones, phone etc.

    Would this be a factor anyone here would consider?
    A properly set up AR is plenty easy hold/fire one handed. Sure, maybe not if you're using a 20" HBAR, but a good carbine should be light enough and balance well enough the second hand isn't really necessary. have you tried shooting your AR one handed (same SH grip and same stance, just let the WH off)? Of course, if I thought I was going to need to use the gun, phones, etc would be way down on the priority list... but to take your hand off long enough to dial and put on speaker, etc. no problem.

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