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    Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock For 10/22

    I have a standard 10/22 that I'm thinking about fitting with a Hogue Stock. Would like to hear peoples likes and dislikes of this modification. Did you find any accuracy or fitting issues with this stock? Amazon rating is very good but I'm suspicious of ratings on amazon.


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    I've had a Hogue stock on a Ruger 10/22 for several years. It's light, slightly "grippy", fit perfectly, and was reasonably priced. I like it.

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    I think there is one in the classifieds now.

    Well used but a good price.

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    I have one and have no complaints. No issues with fit.

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    I had one on the last 10/22 I had and it was very nice. Lightweight and the tackiness of the rubber overmold makes it very nice for shooting and adding a bit more grip to the stock.
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    Thanks everyone. I've heard mostly good things about them. I did read some issues with improper fitting.

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    That looks sharp.

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    I've had a Hogue stock on a Ruger 10/22 for several years. It's light, slightly "grippy", fit perfectly, and was reasonably priced. I like it.

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    I had one on my last one. It was nice. My only complaint was it was a light colored and showed dirty finger prints. It came clean with a little Hopps 9 so no biggie.

    I like all Hogue stuff in general and have used a bunch of their revolver grips and all my AR rifles have their pistol grips on them. Want to add a free float tube to one next. The rubber is a lot nicer to hang onto in the cold.
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    I am very pleased with mine. Hogue generally makes good stuff. I think they got a bad rap from the green Hogue stock that comes factory on Remington's 700 AAC-SD. Even that one is a good stock, but can flex at the end and make contact with the barrel when a shooter pre-loads a bipod prior to firing. (If you're into that kind of thing...)

    As for the 10/22 variant, with significant pressure it can be forced to contact a bull barrel, but I doubt it would contact in any real shooting scenario. Besides, if you are pre-loading a 10/22 bipod in anticipation of the recoil, you're doing it wrong.
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    Have one on one of my 10/22s and really like it. I got the heavy barrel version and installed a light weight carbon tension barrel. The lighter weight of the Hogue stock makes for one really fun shooter and allows the heavy scope to not make the whole thing too heavy. More scope than rifle makes it a really pleasant tack driver. Far from the best picture, but I wanted to get it posted quickly.

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